We, textile engineer Karsten Fünfstück and textile technician Jürgen Heinsch, each represent over 25 years of international experience in the field of textile finishing. We know your problems from daily practice and have joined forces in the company Botexma to be able to assist you in the best possible way in the face of tough competition.
New technologies - often combined with innovative machines and processes - are today the key to be successful in competition. We have therefore joined forces with what we consider to be the most efficient and progressive machine manufacturers, especially from Northern Italy and Switzerland. Our exclusively medium-sized partners are characterized by high quality, guarantee a careful use of resources and pay attention to energy efficiency. The environmental compatibility of our solutions is a concern for us and our partners.
We and our partners stand for:
a maximum of customer orientation
customized, individual solutions
high level of consulting and planning competence
holistic, sustainable system approaches
On-site support beyond the implementation of the machines
optimized use of resources, including energy efficiency
Environmental Compatibility
Please feel free to contact us without obligation
Botexma - because innovation ensures success

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